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Gnarly Wraps™ Hose & Cable Protector Sleeves

 Hose & Cable Covers made to the size you need.

Hose & cable Protection Made in the USA

Protective Sleeves made from various industrial textile materials suited to particular environments and operating conditions. Designed to protect Hydraulic Hoses, Cables and lines from abrasion and wear. Features Reusable Hook & Look fastener good for over 1,000 open and close cycles. Wrap around enclosure design eliminates the need to disconnect hoses and cables to install the product, saving both time and labor, and eliminating the possibility of contamination or damage to electrical connectors and hose fittings during installation. Helps contain hydraulic fluid spray in the event of a hose burst, protecting personnel and reducing cleanup. Inside sprayed coating of Polyurethane aids in fluid resistance and creates a smooth, non abrasive surface that allows cable and hoses to move freely, reducing wear during movement and vibration.

Helps protect hoses from heat and Exposure to sunlight, making expensive hoses and cables last longer under adverse conditions. Suitable for use outdoors and in temperatures ranging from -60 F to 225 F. Available with inner diameters from 3/4'' through 10''. Custom sizes are available. Made in America.

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All Gnarly Wraps™ Products are
Proudly manufactured in Texas, USA
All Gnarly Wraps™ Products are Proudly Made in AmericaAll Gnarly Wraps™ Products are Proudly Made in Texas